The NagWAG Diaries 18 August 2009

“WOW”. I know most people say their wedding day was fantastic but honestly, I promise you we had the most amazingly perfect day.

It seems only yesterday but we have already had our one-week anniversary as husband and wife! (That sounds so funny still!!)


The celebrations started the night before the wedding in The Plough, where both our families and friends met up; we took over the whole restaurant and had dinner. The nerves really started to get to me whilst I was there so I went home, went straight to bed and amazingly slept soundly all night. I wish I could say that for most of the Ushers, The Groom and the Bridesmaids who apparently were up ‘til the early hours!!! (Night 1.)


The ceremony was not till 4.30pm. Choc and the boys were staying at The Plough so got ready there, and my cluster of bridesmaids, mummys and girls all got ready at home. I went off to the hairdressers first thing to get my rollers put in with my sister, and spent the rest of the day putting up signs and adding finishing touches to the marquee. 

The gorgeous sun shone all day long, it was a perfect summer’s day. We were unbelievably lucky with the weather, it rained nearly the whole week leading up to the wedding! And the week following it.

Once I was ready and had forced a sandwich down to keep me going, Daddy and I walked outside to get in the car which I thought was going to be my 4×4, But Choc had surprised us by arranging a Rolls Royce as the wedding car. I am so spoilt; it was the most beautiful car we had ever seen. The ceremony was perfect and we both said our vows correctly and clearly, I was so worried about getting them wrong. Our vicar was amazing and really did a beautiful and funny service. Laughter and tears were produced from most of our families. 

One of our poor guests passed out during the service because of the heat in the church, but Choc and I were at the front and didn’t know ‘til the end, although it was probably for the best because I think I would have stopped the whole thing to help her. She is now fully recovered though thankfully. 

Once back in the very smart car to go to the reception, (note: probably the most romantic moment in our life, we had just got married!) the door was closed, we waved to our friends outside the church and as we went to drive off, Choc leaned over as if to say something charming to is new wife and said: “This car is amazing mate, what size engine is it?” to the chauffeur!!! It was very funny and exactly why I love him like I do.


The party that followed our marriage was a night I will treasure forever, In a beautiful location with a gorgeous marquee decorated with fairy lights, flowers, small trees and a bar that glowed and flashed all different colours it really was so very very special and with all the people you love around you all night long it could only have been brilliant. (Night 2.)



We woke up with no hangover, still on a high I think. We had lots of friends visiting our house, drinking tea and sitting in the sunny garden it was so lovely, all to say goodbye before they headed home. Then we all went to the pub to have a final lunch together in the garden. Craig (landlord of The Plough) put on a disco for us that evening so the celebrations continued again late into the night. (Night 3.)

Needless to say the following morning there was a hangover, and after three nights, quite a bad one!!

Here are a few pictures for you to look at, but we don’t get our professional pictures for another week so next time I will have more to put up hopefully.

Thank you to every single person who made our weekend so perfect. We cannot thank you all enough for all your help, for being so generous and for travelling from so far and wide and enjoying it all with us.

Choc went back to work on Thursday to Stratford evening races where his first ride as a married man was a winner! What a perfect end the best week of our lives.

Meally  xxx  (Mrs R Thornton)

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