The NagWAG Diaries 6 August 2009

It’s only 3 more sleeps till our big day. For the first time today I dared look at the weather report for Saturday. The verdict is that it’s pretty miserable until Friday but looks really good for Saturday so I am delighted and very relieved and might dare to leave my wellies at home. I am so used to praying for rain during Cheltenham or important racing during the winter, hopefully it will be kind and stay away till Monday for us.

The marquee went up on Monday and the lads have been busy carpeting, lining and preparing it all. We can attack it with decorations and lighting on Friday and hopefully will be finished by Saturday. My cousins Simon and Steff Cromack who own ‘Eventuate’, an events and catering business based in Henley on Thames, have been our wedding planners for the last year and we can not thank them enough for all their amazing help and organising they have done for us, we seriously could not have even started to do it without them. Thank you both a million times over.   

The kind family, who have allowed us to use their field for our marquee, are the parents of very brave wounded solider called Guy Disney who you may have read about in the press recently. Fiona (Guy’s Mum) is hosting a Charity auction and drinks party for ‘Help the Heroes’ in our marquee on the Sunday after our wedding. This fantastic charity deserves all our support and with all the tickets sold out I imagine their evening will be a great success. 

Choc and I would like to wish Guy a speedy recovery and send him lots of love.

Both our families arrive in full tomorrow, my amazing Mummy has been here all week doing the cooking and being brilliant as always. It really is amazing when planning a wedding how many small little jobs jump out the woodwork at the last minute. Mum, Choc and I have been running around for the past 3 days like crazy getting things done. I asked my hairdresser if I could have my rollers put in on Friday night and sleep in them like a real Liverpudlian girl (as told on our hen do!), but she said no. I think she is right; I would get no sleep so I am having them put in first thing Saturday morning so my curls stay in all night long.

Our vicar Rev Godfrey Simpson did the blessing for Noel Edmunds and his new wife last week in a local village near us Lower Slaughter. Godfrey was delighted as he got a picture in ‘Hello’ and a mention in ‘OK’ magazine no less! We had our rehearsal today with our newly famous vicar and it went really well, hope it goes as smoothly on Saturday!!

I promise to write more consistently after the wedding. I will post lots of photos and tell you all about our special and (hopefully) sunny day.


Meally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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