The NagWAG Diaries 28 July 2009

Meally-hen-6I am not exaggerating when I tell you it took me till Wednesday afternoon (that’s four whole days!) to recover
after the incredible/brilliant/fun/wicked/
fabulous weekend with my girls in Liverpool.

What a fantastic city and so exciting being there with every single girlfriend who has ever touched my life, thank you all so much for coming with me and making the hen do so special for me. I really loved every minute and will never
forget it.  

During our weekend of madness Sarah arranged for us all to go on a Duck Tour around the city which, in short, is an old rickety-looking bus (see pix below) that shows you the sights then suddenly turns into a boat and drops down into the
water to finish off the tour. It was very cool and got rid of a
few hangovers! 

I also got taken on a special visit to the shop ‘Cricket’, which I have always wanted to go to. I was very restrained and did not buy anything…

meally-hen-5But now I know where it is for next time!!! Dangerous!!  

Choc’s stag do went really well too; a rumour was flying around the
Cotswolds before he left that the boys were going to shave his head and ruin our wedding photos. So much to my delight he came home with a full head
of hair and also a head rather full of aches I imagine!

This past week I have been in Portugal with my sisters for our final holiday together before we get married. When we arrived the girls hit the beach but
I had go into my dark hotel room for a few hours for my poor head to heal, I seriously have never felt so ill in my life. 

But by the end of the week I was much better and we attended our great
friends Helen and John Tankard’s wedding in a magical location deep in the hills of the Algarve. It was a glorious day and a really fun wedding with waiters that sang opera, which was really funny. Choc could not come with
us as he had to ride but I had a fantastic time with my sisters and it was just what I needed to recover.

Meally-hen-2So I am back now and the two-week countdown has begun. I’m madly organising bands, flowers and dresses and tractors!! (To mow the field!)

Choc has gone to Uttoxeter tonight and has had one winner but I had to work today so unfortunately could not go with him. 

I will write again before the wedding next weekend. I have
lots of planning to do now so I will leave you with some photos of the STAG /HEN to look at (more photos below). 

Meally xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    







The ‘Tashes line up for Choc’s stag do…Top ‘Tashes below (starting with the Stag himself…):


William Kennedy 
Nick Brown(Rusty) 

Andrew Thornton 

Sam Thomas 

Wayne Hutchinson 

Jody Mogford 

Craig Brown (landlord of the Plough Inn @ Ford)

Charlie Huxley 

Oliver Mcphail 

The Duck Tour: First it was a bus…


…then a boat!


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One response to “The NagWAG Diaries 28 July 2009

  1. Karen

    I have been waiting for this blog for days! Thanks for the report on what was obviously a wonderful hen do, & holiday – the photo’s are great. And as for all those jocks with their facial hair – don’t you think they all look so much older? And almost unrecognisable. Enjoy the next two weeks (oh, how I remember all those last minute details etc) & I wish you both a wonderful sunny day for your wedding – & years of happiness.

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